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NovoTHOR Whole Body Light Therapy

NovoTHOR is a whole body red light and near-infrared light therapy bed that uses LED laser to shine the light wavelengths onto the bare skin, stimulating the body’s natural healing processes at the cellular level. This leads to widespread health benefits and has amazing effects on our body, skin, mind, and overall well-being.


NovoTHOR treats the whole body from head to toe in a 12-20 minute session. Lay down, relax, and let red light and near-infrared light do the work.


Improve healing and boost immunity

Reduce pain and inflammation

Promote skin and hair health

Relax muscles and joints

Increase circulation and blood flow

Support weight loss and boost metabolism

Improve mood and brain health

Improve sleep

Aid muscle recovery and athletic performance

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Understanding Whole Body Light Therapy

How does whole body light therapy work?
Clinical research has shown that of the visible light wavelengths, red light (630-660nm) and near-infrared light (810-850nm) have the most scientifically validated benefits for the human body by working at the cellular level to address the root cause of the conditions being treated. During whole body light therapy, the light photons from the LED bulbs, using these wavelengths, soak into the tissues in and beneath the skin to stimulate our mitochondria, the energy-producing organelles inside our cells. This promotes healing because cells with poorly functioning mitochondria are weak, vulnerable to infection, slow to heal, and are not able to communicate effectively with neighboring cells, and therefore poorly perform tasks that allow the body to function normally.

Is whole body light therapy safe and natural?

Red light and near-infrared light therapy is safe and natural and based on our ancient knowledge of the sun’s healing properties. 

Is whole body light therapy FDA approved? 

Whole body light therapy currently has FDA approval for several purposes including pain relief, weight loss, reversing hair loss, treating acne, and healing wounds. Thousands of studies conducted over the past three decades confirm the efficacy of whole body light therapy, further confirmed by innumerable reports or people who have seen relief and remission of their symptoms after treatment. 

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