Medical Ozone Therapy

Medical Ozone Therapy


Medical ozone therapy encourages healing by introducing ozone molecules into the body which restores oxygen levels and activates the body to heal itself through cell regeneration. Ozone therapy is becoming increasingly popular due to the acknowledgment of its widespread medical benefits and ability to treat many conditions. It not only targets and treats specific medical concerns but it can also promote overall wellness of the body and mind.

Medical ozone therapy might be right for you if you suffer from chronic pain, chronic fatigue, chronic allergies, autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, chronic infections, post stroke syndromes, fibromyalgia, or certain skin conditions.


Resolve chronic pain

Decrease inflammation

Fight infection and disease

Support the immune system

Relieve chronic fatigue

Boost energy and metabolism

Increase circulation, oxidation, and nutrient distribution

Slow the aging process

Improve brain function

Balance hormones

How Medical Ozone Is Administered

Autohemotherapy introduces medical ozone into the body through IV infusion. Our skilled medical team will draw 60-360 cc’s of your blood, saturate it with ozone, clean it with ultraviolet light irradiation (UBI), and then intravenously administer it back into your bloodstream. When reintroduced back into your body, you will start to experience the many benefits of ozone therapy quickly and effectively. 
Insufflation delivers medical ozone directly into one of your body’s natural spaces where the enriched oxygen is readily absorbed by the blood vessels surrounding the space. We offer nasal, ear, rectal, and vaginal insufflation. Insufflation into these areas promotes healing and wellness of the treated space as well as the whole body. Nasal and Ear Insufflation target sinus pressure and infection, allergies, brain fog, vertigo, boosts immunity, and promotes general wellness. Vaginal and Rectal insufflation target infection and inflammation in these areas, reduces pain, and promotes general wellness throughout the body.
Limb bagging:
With the limb bagging technique, the affected area is covered with an air-tight bag and filled with ozone. This circulation of ozone kills bacteria and viruses, reduces inflammation and pain, increases circulation, combats skin conditions and impurities, and promotes healing of infections and wounds.
Prolozone Injection: 
Prolozone is an injection technique using ozone that can be injected directly into joints and soft tissue. This activates growth factors which promotes cell regeneration, encourages healing, repairs and strengthens damaged tissue, and decreases pain and inflammation. This aids complete healing and a safe solution to pain. This is a common treatment for shoulder, knee, back, neck, musculoskeletal, and joint pain. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ozone?
Ozone (O3) is an energized form of oxygen that contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two we normally breathe. Ozone is a potent sterilizer, destroying bacteria, virus, and odor. It occurs in nature and is the reason for that fresh, clean, spring smell after a rainstorm. 
Is Ozone a pollutant?

Ground level, highly concentrated ozone that occurs as a result of human-made and natural emissions of volatile organic compounds is unhealthy to breathe. However, medical grade ozone is a gas containing 100% medical grade oxygen and ozone at concentrations below 5%, making it safe to use as an alternative medical treatment.

Is Medical Ozone Therapy FDA approved?

Ozone therapy is not an FDA approved medical treatment and is considered a holistic or alternative treatment to western medication. It is currently approved for use in Europe and is rapidly gaining in popularity in the US.

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