Pain Management Injections

pain injections

Injection of medications into nerve bundles, joints and spinal spaces is the basis of interventional pain management. By precisely injecting any of a variety of medications or substances, physicians can treat and diagnose a wide variety of chronic pain conditions. These minimally invasive procedures are used to treat chronic spinal pain, malignancies, nerve damage and numerous other related pain disorders. Pain management injections provide an alternative treatment for patients who have tried other treatment options with little or no success.

what medications can be injected?

Medications injected can include anti-inflammatory medications such as corticosteroids or regenerative medications such as: 

– Exosome Stem Cells: To learn more about stem cells click here. 

– PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma): To learn more about PRP click here.

– Medical Ozone: To learn more about Medical Ozone click here.

what injections do we perform?

At Westlake Aesthetics & Wellness we perform injections such as:

– Small & Large Joint Injections

– Soft Tissue Injections

– Nerve Blocks

-Epidural & Facet Injections

– Spinal Injections

– Hip Injections


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