Functional Medicine Evaluation

Identify The Root Cause of Your Symptoms

Have you been feeling off? Struggling with brain fog? Low energy? Or gut health issues? If you’ve been feeling like your body is working against you but unable to identify the culprit. Your Team at Westlake Aesthetics & Wellness is here to help. Through functional medicine we utilize a collaborative approach to identify the root cause of your symptoms. We guide you through our personalized treatment process every step of the way to ensure your journey to wellness helps you find great relief and gets you back to feeling like YOU again.

When you undergo a functional medicine evaluation at Westlake Aesthetics & Wellness, our providers use an integrative, metabolic approach to more deeply understand and treat the nutritional, cellular and metabolic imbalances that often underlie disease, and general wellness.  This evaluation will result in a treatment plan that incorporates your neural, endocrine, and immune systems into a personalized approach that addresses any dysfunction.  


Weight Gain, Slowed Metabolism, Nutritional Deficiency

Hormones & Stress

Inflammation, Fatigue, Brain Fog, Obesity & Diabetes

Cognitive Function

Brain Fog, Mood, Memory loss, Mitochondrial Function

Gut Health

Leaky Gut, Immune Function, Digestive Issues

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Lab Testing

Micronutrient Testing

The term micronutrients is used to describe the vitamins and minerals we need for our bodies to function.  We obtain micronutrients from food with few exceptions, which is why they are sometimes referred to as essential nutrients. This test measures the ability to absorb these vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, and identifies deficiencies. 

Gut Testing

This advanced test will look at five key areas of gastrointestinal function: maldigestion, inflammation, dysbiosis, metabolite, and imbalance. This  provides root cause analysis of most GI symptoms that could be the source of abdominal pain, bloating, indigestion, and constipation. More importantly this test analyzes biomarkers that indicate whether to not an individual has leaky gut syndrome, intestinal bacterial overgrowth, inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome. Once issues are identified we are able to create a dietary lifestyle that meets your needs along with therapeutic supplementation that restores gut balance.

Hormonal Testing

To keep things functioning at its best, the body must constantly fine-tune hormone release to keep levels within proper limits. Because of the complexity of these interactions, a hormonal imbalance rarely stems from only one hormone type. More often, the problem involves a series of hormones that are out of balance. In addition, a disruption in the balance of hormones produced by one gland or set of glands can cause other glands or systems to dysfunction. Before you know it, you’re feeling miserable on multiple fronts.

To restore the vital balance of hormones, we first need a detailed, accurate measurement of hormone levels. This is why we start off with ZRT Laborities extensive Hormone Testing Panel. 

lab testing