Functional Medicine Evaluation

Functional medicine is a branch of medicine concerned with finding and treating the root causes of disease, looking at all biologic systems and how well they are balanced. It is an integrative approach, acknowledging that most disease processes are multifactorial stretching from a person’s genetic predisposition to the impact of that person’s environment.  This unique perspective leads to insight on how our biologic and cellular systems can be impacted by nutritional science, hormonal science, therapeutic supplementation, and epigenetics.

When you undergo a functional medicine evaluation at Westlake Aesthetics & Wellness, our providers use this integrative, metabolic approach to more deeply understand and treat the nutritional, cellular and metabolic imbalances that often underlie disease, and general wellness.  This evaluation will result in a treatment plan that incorporates your neural, endocrine, and immune systems into a personalized approach that addresses any dysfunction.  

Importantly, addressing nutritional and metabolic imbalances also serves as the basis for anti-aging medicine.  This approach aims to not only extend longevity but also improve your quality of life, addressing issues like chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety, autoimmune disorders, allergies, brain and nervous system dysfunction, and respiratory system illnesses. More specifically, functional medicine encompasses the specific modalities of micronutrient IV infusions, nutraceuticals and supplements, bioidentical hormone replacement, therapies such as medical ozone therapies, optimizing the effects of autoimmune disease, gut health, and making positive lifestyle modifications.

By appropriately addressing these molecular and cellular systems we can help reverse the contributing agents of disease process and aging.