Exosome Therapy

Exosomes are the body’s anti-aging, immune boost secret.  You’ve probably heard about the regenerative powers of stem cell therapy, but exosomes are the revolutionary new kid on the block.  When your cells need to receive a message to regenerate or right themselves in some way, exosomes can help deliver that message.  Exosomes activate your body’s natural healing power.  Recent clinical studies suggest that exosome therapy may work better for tissue repair, and-aging treatments, immune support, and hair loss treatments than comparable therapies such as plasma rich protein (PRP) and stem cell therapy. 

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles, which are tiny fluid filled sacs that originate in many different types of cells in the body, including mesenchymal stem cells.  Exosomes are filled with proteins, lipids and nucleic acids, which can be selectively transferred to recipient cells in the body, and via their cell-to-cell communication programming they improve and regenerate the natural behaviour of recipient cells.  Factors like age, genetic disorders and injuries can disrupt your cells’ communication, but adding exosomes can help cells communicate better, so damaged tissue can regenerate better.   

Exosomes may outperform stem cells due to their tiny size which allows for widespread distribution and absorption into our body’s spaces, and allowing for a consistent high quality delivery as opposed to the potential for lower cell rate survival during stem cell delivery.  Exosomes also won’t replicate or transform in your body, and aren’t a foreigh substance since they are something that your body naturally produces to trigger a natural response.  Exosomes are also easy to administer, and avoid the invasive process of bone marrow harvesting needed for stem cell therapy.  

The use of exosomes in pain management typically involves either injecting the exosomes directly into painful joint or soft tissue, or delivering the exosomes via intravenous infusion.  These therapies are distinct modalities but both lead to the proliferation of the body’s own healing and regenerative processes to heal and repair areas of inflammation or dysfunction.  

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